Spotlight Spotlight: Wunder Workshop, Inspired by Intuitive Herbalism and Ayurveda

04/21 2023


Olivia Labonte


Melissa Gidney Daly

With a deep respect for the healing power of herbs and a shared devotion to biodynamic practices, Wunder Workshop’s founders’ journey led them to the enchanting turmeric community farms of Sri Lanka nearly a decade ago. It was there, amidst the lush fields, that the seeds of Wunder Workshop were sown. Guided by their unwavering commitment to honoring nature and crafting conscious products, their brand shines brightly as a beacon of authenticity, purpose, and radiant light.

Tell us about your background and how Wunder Workshop was born

My late mother taught me all her plant wisdom, and I am so thankful for the knowledge that has been passed on to me from an early age. As she was a naturopath and holistic therapist, I grew up surrounded by herbs and botanicals, went foraging from an early age, and was raised with the understanding of biodynamic and organic produce. It was this that really led to the creation of Wunder Workshop.

However, before this I took a little detour and went to study political science and International Relations, with a Master’s degree focusing on climate change and food security. After dabbling in different career paths (interior design and politics), I decided to go back to what matters to me the most, and that is the health of the planet, those who tend to the land and working with plants for our own well-being. I channelled all of these topics by starting off with a turmeric focused product.

During my late teens we would visit very down-to-earth ayurvedic retreats in Sri Lanka to learn more about Ayurveda and their incredible holistic approach to health. Turmeric was one of the plants that stood out to me the most. So, when I decided I wanted to work with plants in an environmentally conscious way, I decided to learn more about turmeric farming, and I went back to Sri Lanka to visit families who grow turmeric. This is when the idea for Wunder Workshop blossomed, and that’s when I decided to work with this incredible spice after seeing how it was grown in the most biodiverse setting, surrounded by ginger, black pepper, jackfruit, vanilla and many more beautiful plants. This to me was the most beautiful way of “farming”. Since then, for nearly 10 years, together with my partner Tom, we have been sourcing from the same community farms in Sri Lanka, and it’s still the most radiant and powerful turmeric I have come across.

As humans we have become incredibly disconnected from nature, farmers, and from the understanding of how things are grown and made. We believe celebrating and acknowledging this ancient wisdom is essential for the survival of our planet. The wisdom of how to live a sustainable lifestyle has always been there. Of course, we can’t all live off grid in nature, but even living in a city we can practice a sustainable lifestyle by letting your purchasing choices make a powerful statement to the future you truly believe in and want to see.

Can you tell us about your brand’s ethos in 3 words?

Purposeful, conscious, transparent.


What do you feel is the most powerful herb/tincture?

There are so many incredible herbs, it’s hard to place just one in the spotlight. But one that has been working really well for me recently is Lions Mane mushroom. This is a shaggy white mushroom that typically grows on hardwood trees in the northern hemisphere, like maple. It is a nerve tonic which protects the neurons responsible for signaling & communicating in our body and brain. I have found it particularly useful for focus and my mental clarity. Studies have also shown it to be beneficial in preventing neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It’s just one ingredient that is found in our Wild Wisdom tincture, alongside other herbs that help with alertness and clarity, like rosemary.


In my opinion “sustainability” as a term has lost its inherent meaning and value unfortunately. It is thrown around as a trend in nearly every business, without any accountability for its true nature. Moreover, we are at a point where sustainability simply isn’t enough. We cannot sustain the world we currently live in. I believe we have the responsibility, especially as businesses, to repair and regenerate what has been lost.

What experience most changed/inspired your life?

The death of my mother 7 years ago has been the most earth-shattering moment for me. Yet it has also been the most profound experience, that has allowed me to explore the vastness of intense grief and, at the same time, the incredible beauty of life. It has shown me the depths of my soul and has been a growth spurt for my spiritual development. It is an ongoing journey, but it has certainly been a catalyst for many things in my life since. I have dived deep into growing my business, connecting to her through all her wisdom and sharing that with the world. But it has also led me to see the impermanence of life and made my decision to move from London to Mallorca so incredibly easy.


Your connection to your mother is such a beautiful part of your story, can you share how you incorporate rituals and ceremonies to both honor her as well as heal yourself?

 I have learned the past 7 years that grief isn’t something you can fix or heal, instead that it is a constant companion throughout our lives. Mostly, it arrives unannounced, and by having observed the waves of grief I now fully surrender to this process and know that in moments when I feel so much pain and sadness, that I will also come out on the other side – feeling joy and awe again. One of my favourite mantras is “this too shall pass”, which brings me so much comfort in moments of darkness.

Even though I miss her so much in her physical form, I have learned to feel her presence in the wind blowing through the trees, the colourful flowers, the robins on my windowsill and in my heart when I am feeling down. It has become a new language in a way, knowing where to feel her and understanding her way of communicating with me.

I also build little nature altars wherever I have moved since she died, I find this a very healing ritual to have some place of remembrance for her. But I think we all have different ways of honouring our loved ones, and for me ultimately, it’s such a blessing knowing she is forever and always with me on my journey throughout life.

3 things you never travel without.

A notebook, Ayurvedic tongue scraper, Turmeric CBD oil.


If there was one thing you would encourage everyone to do for their health, what would that be?

Releasing and working through traumas, I am very interested in psychoneuroimmunology and how everything is connected. Our mental state, physical health and immune system all play a major and interconnected role in our wellbeing. As much as I fully believe in the importance of very nutritious food and herbal medicine, our wellbeing cannot exist without taking care of our mental wellbeing as well