Property Terms & Conditions

This is an agreement between the property, represented by the authorized owner/PR Company/Property Manager (referred to as The Property), and SURŌ Living (also referred to as SURŌ).

The terms stated below will serve as the official agreement between the two parties from the date The Property creates an account to onboard their property information to

  • The information entered here is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  • SURŌ reserves the right to edit information and photos however they see fit for the listing and all promotion.
  • SURŌ can at any point suspend a property listing if the property fails to adhere to the platform guidelines listed below. Please read carefully.



The Annual Membership will automatically renew each year unless the property chooses to cancel. In this case, the property must cancel within 2 weeks of renewal to avoid any extra charges.

Add-Ons (coming soon)

The Add-on promotions (for example, additional Instagram posts and newsletter features) are non-refundable and non-transferrable. SURŌ has up to 1 year to execute the purchased add-ons and will promote Add-ons according to their promotional schedule. SURŌ will do their best to accommodate preferred dates for promotion as communicated by the property, however there are no guarantees.

Property Suspension

SURŌ approves each property based on a set of criteria including guest feedback. In the case a property fails to meet that criteria once it has been listed, SURŌ reserves the right to suspend the property listing until further review.

“The Collective” Requirements

In order to be included in ‘The Collective’, each property must first be photographed and vouched for by a SURŌ photographer, and subsequently visited at least every two years by a team member (photographer or staff) for a minimum of 2 nights.



The property agrees to pay the selected membership fee that includes the property listing and promotional features where applicable.

Booking Fees

SURŌ does not charge any booking fees at this time. In the future, the SURŌ may offer additional packages that include booking fees or a combination of booking fees + listing fee.

Hosting a Photographer (where applicable)

A property is required to host a SURŌ approved photographer if:

  • their imagery is not approved, or
  • they wish to become part of ‘The Collective’.

Additional Promotion

When a property hosts a photographer, they receive additional promotional benefits by both SURŌ and the photographer, including instagram posts and editorials. The benefits are dependent on the number of nights at the property. In most cases, both @theperfecthideaway and @thephotographer will post 1 photo per night of stay, and in some cases, the property will be included in an editorial about the region on

SURŌ Liaison

SURŌ will act as a liaison between the property and the photographer to help arrange dates and any necessary details. Once the dates are confirmed, SURŌ will connect the photographer and the property via email. SURŌ will touch base with the property once they receive the images from the photographer’s stay (Usually within 3-4 weeks).


In the case the property is required to have a photographer visit to create photos for the listing, SURŌ will arrange for a photographer at the earliest availability of a photographer and agreed upon dates with the property. The listing will only go live once the photographer visits and imagery is received. In the case of a listed or new property with approved imagery that is opting to be part of The Collective, the property will only become part of The Collective once a photographer has visited and the new imagery is uploaded to the property listing.


The property agrees to provide the photographer with the number of nights agreed upon, ranging from 2-3 nights stay depending on the property type and size.

Meals + Costs

The property is required to offer breakfast where applicable, however the property is not responsible for additional costs incurred by the photographer during their stay.

Photography Coverage

In the case of a Boutique Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, the photographer will only photograph the room they stay in + the common areas, taking precaution to not disturb other guests and have other identifiable guests in the photographs. In the case of a private villa, interior rooms and exterior spaces will be photographed that best portray the property’s design and experiential elements (and in some cases, not every room will be photographed). The photographer is a professional and will photograph the property in accordance with the requirements of SURŌ, using their experience and knowledge to create imagery at what they feel are optimal times.

Unfavorable Conditions

There are situations where the photographer may not be able to capture the property in ideal conditions due to the presence of other guests, bad weather, seasonal variations, etc. In this case, the property may submit key photos which may be used at the discretion of SURŌ.


In addition to photographing the property and its surroundings, the photographer is also vouching for the overall experience and it is helpful for the property to advise the photographer on nearby attractions/restaurants/etc, and in some cases offer food and services that the property offers for the photographer to experience.

Cancellation Terms

Once the dates of stay are confirmed and agreed upon by all parties, the photographer can cancel no less than 30 days prior to arrival date. If less than 30 days, the Photographer may be required to pay a cancellation fee as determined by the property beforehand and must inform SURŌ of this. SURŌ will do their best to find an alternative photographer for those dates. In the case the property has to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances such as property repairs, the property must offer alternative dates for the photographer to visit.

Use of Image Terms

Photos for SURŌ Instagram

SURŌ only uses imagery taken by SURŌ photographers or approved imagery submitted by property for instagram promotion in order to adhere to SURŌ brand aesthetic.

Final Say

SURŌ has final say which photos are used for the listing and all promotion and how they are edited in order to adhere to SURŌ brand aesthetic.

SURŌ Image Usage

The photos taken at each property are licensed exclusively to SURŌ and will be used for but not limited to property listings, social media promotion, SURŌ website, online/print publications and marketing in perpetuity.

Property Image Usage

After a photographer visits, the property will receive approximately 10 photos (unless another agreement is made) which are licensed for social media use only. If the property would like to use the photos for other purposes such as their website or marketing, or if they would like access to additional photos, they may request so at an additional cost.

Photo Credit

When posting to social media, all photos must be fully credited (@thephotographer for @theperfecthideaway) and tagged. The credits must appear in the first 5 lines. If property purchases other image usage rights (ex. for website use), all photos must be credited to both The Photographer and SURŌ.

Image Sharing

SURŌ photos CAN be shared with online or print publications when there is an image request (excluding any property booking sites) but must be fully credited to both the photographer and SURŌ with links to SURŌ website or instagram.


Property Liability

SURŌ refers bookings directly to the property, therefore the customer is entering into an agreement with the property, and SURŌ is not liable for any issues, losses, or circumstances that may arise from the booking.

Photographer Liability

SURŌ takes care in selecting the photographers and influencers we collaborate with, however the photographers and influencers are self-employed and ARE NOT employed by SURŌ and in the case the photographer/influencers acts out of accordance with property rules, SURŌ is not liable in any way.


SURŌ is not liable for any injury or damage sustained or costs incurred while the photographer, influencer or team member is visiting the property.