Property FAQ

What types of properties do you feature?

Our collection includes Bed and Breakfasts, Boutique Hotels, Vacation Homes… and pretty much everything in-between if it falls in alignment with our philosophy and design aesthetic. We love properties with a story, properties created with heart, properties that inspire, properties that are conscious of their environmental and social footprint.

How do you determine if a property is a good fit for your collection?

We follow a set of criteria when evaluating whether a property is in alignment with our audience of design and experience lovers. Although each property can vary in size, rate, and location, they will all feel memorable in some way.

1 / Design + Quality

The property must have a beautiful aesthetic, attention to detail and have a design or architectural element.

2 / The Experience

The property should have an experiential element such as a unique location, memorable hospitality and a “one of a kind” feel.

3 / Good Reviews

It’s important that guests have had good experiences in the past to ensure consistency.

4 / Local & Sustainable

Properties must place value on their environment and social footprint such as using green/renewable energy, supporting local artisans and producers, implementing recycling/composting, using organic products, etc.

My property was accepted but my images weren't approved so I will host a SURŌ photographer to create new images. How does this work?

Using your Calendar Sync allows us to easily schedule a visit by one of our photographers. We do our best to schedule these visits in low/shoulder season, but keep in mind, the sooner we get your property photographed, the sooner your property can be listed! It is also better to have your property photographed in times that it shows the best, for some that means during late spring and summer months.

Why does the photographer need 2-3 nights at out property just to take photographs?

Our photographers are visiting your property to take photos and also to experience it what makes it so special. Having that time allows the photographer to study the light and photograph the property at optimal times. It also allows for more time in the case of bad weather and to work around other guests for boutique hotels and Bed and Breakfasts.

My property and my images are approved, what now?

If your images were approved, then we feel they are aligned with our brand and can be used on our website. The next step is to have someone from our team complete the final steps of your listing.

Why won’t you use the approved photos of my property on instagram?

Our imagery is the backbone of our brand. It is what sells the dream, the experience, the story of each property.  Our imagery is what sets us apart from other online platforms, and it is important that we remain consistent with our style and look.

We work with professional photographers from all over the world that understand our brand and the images we require. These images are not only used for Instagram promotion, but also for the listing, editorial articles, and additional promotion via our travel and design partners. Publications are much more likely to use and promote imagery that is original and unique, hence why we get published so often!

*in some cases, we may approve imagery submitted by the property for Instagram promotion if it is in alignment with our branding aesthetic

What is The Collective?

We will be listing 2 types of properties on the website.

  1. Approved Properties – Properties that meet our set of criteria and have approved imagery.
  2. Collective Properties – Properties that have been vouched for and photographed by one of our photographers. These properties receive additional perks such as Instagram promotion and higher ranking in results.

Do we get to use the photos taken by a SURŌ photographer?

Yes! Each property receives approximately 10 photos to use on their social media. These must be credited and tagged to both the photographer and SURŌ.

In the case you would like to use the photographs for website or other purposes, the image usage rights can be purchased at an additional cost.

Can we share the photos with other booking platforms?

All photos taken by one of our photographers are exclusive to SURŌ and cannot be shared with any other booking platforms. If a property purchases image usage rights for their website, they may use the photos on their property website only.

All media/press inquires for use of these images must be directed to us so we can ensure proper credit/payment to the photographer where applicable. 


So there are no booking fees?

That’s correct. We are a promotional platform and work to get more visibility for your property, sending bookings directly to your property’s personal website. We understand that boutique properties have unique needs, so as we grow and evolve, we may introduce some additional packages to assist with those requirements.

Can I cancel my monthly membership at any time?

The short answer is yes. We offer monthly and annual memberships to remain flexible. If you opt for the monthly membership, you are able to cancel at any time, however you can only cancel and sign-up again one time every 12 months. If you opt for the annual membership, you can cancel at any time, however you won’t be refunded for the annual fee.

How can I update my listing?

If you need to update some information in your listing, you can log in to your account and make the changes via the dashboard. Please note, these changes will be reviewed by someone from our team before they go live.