Contributor FAQ

How do you select which photographers you work with?

Imagery is the heart of our brand. It is vital in telling both the story of the property, and how the property feels. We are not interested in typical travel imagery or amateur photographers. We look for photographers that go the extra mile in creating images… that are inspired by travel, design, and building relationships. If you are just looking free accommodation, then this isn’t for you…

Why do you request a trial property?

We ask photographers to do a trial property to see if we are a good fit. The photographer may feel it is too much work or we may feel that the photographer’s style is not in alignment with our brand. We will give feedback on the preliminary images which helps streamline the process, minimizing chance of miscommunications about expectations and how our collaboration works. Re-shoots of a property are not an option, so making sure everyone is on the same page is extremely important.

Do you prefer if we shoot film or digital?

We’re image junkies, of course we love film! We work with a lot film photographers and digital photographers. Ideally, we love to get a bit of film content where possible and feature as much film as we can on instagram (and those get a ton of love and reposts). For those photographers shooting both film and digital, we ask that even if they want to shoot a property on film for their portfolio, also to include some digital shots, “just in case”.

Each property is so different, what are we expected to cover?

We select our photographers based on their style, their attitude, their professionalism and their experience. We trust our photographers to approach a property and photograph it however they feel best showcases the design and experiential elements. In some cases, like a hotel room, there will be less to cover, and we recommend focusing more on design details, vignettes, and lifestyle shots. In contrast, other properties may offer more opportunities in common areas and exterior spaces, showcasing beautiful outdoor environments. In all cases, photographers should capture a sense of place, including photos of surrounding features as well (for example, is the property in the countryside or an urban area?). We trust you to find its beauty, heart and story!
For Bed & Breakfasts and Hotels, photographers are responsible for the room they stay in and common areas, being considerate to avoid other guests.
For private vacation rentals/homes/villas, the photographer is responsible for photographing all rooms and exteriors.
In some cases, property owners may be interested in having extra photos taken of special services they offer. This is usually arranged beforehand or is at the discretion of the photographer. All payment for extra photography must go through TPH.

What if the owner asks me to photograph additional rooms or services?

We try to be very clear about the photography parameters beforehand, however in the case a property asks you to photograph anything beyond the requirements (for example additional rooms or services), it is at your discretion. We ask that you tell us and we can arrange a fee for the additional photos. All payments must go through us, and we will pass on directly to the photographer via Venmo or Paypal.

What happens if I show up to a property and it doesn’t look as good as their website?

We approve submitted properties by looking at their website, other booking platforms and online reviews. We would hope that this information is up to date and a true indication, however we cannot guarantee this. In the case a photographer shows up to a property that has fallen by the wayside, please let us know as soon as possible. The best thing would be to photograph the property and stay for the agreed duration (unless that does not suit you), and show us the photos so that we can assess the situation.

What are the techs and specs for delivering images?

Image Size – 40+ photos
Image Size – high res jpgs (min 3000pm @300dpi)
Orientation – mix of horizontals + verticals
Lenses – we recommend a wide-angle zoom for shooting the main interior and exterior shots, and another lens (ex. 50mm) better suited for vignettes and details.
Light – We trust you to photograph the property in the light that best showcases each space. Although “bright and airy” may not suit every space, a dark cavernous room is unlikely to appeal to guests. Play with the light and shadows to help give the property a mood. Early morning rays are beautiful as well as that low evening light.
Editing – For consistency throughout our platform, please correct for white balance and keep the use of filters to a minimum. Keep the originals (RAW) in the case we need to re-work a file or require a larger version.
Naming – Please include your info in the metadata + image name (ex. JaneDoe_CasaItaly01.jpg)
Ownership & Copyright – You, the photographer, retain ownership and copyright, however we retain usage rights for website, social media, promotion and marketing in perpetuity.
Image transfer – Please send us the photos via gallery software (ex. Pixies or Pictime) or wetransfer.
Timeline – photos must be submitted to us within 1 month of stay and social media posts must be done within 2 weeks of stay. Please let us know in the case where an extension is needed.
Although we only require 40 final images from each property, we find that when more images are delivered, not only do we post and feature more via instagram and IG stories (more promo for you), but there is also a higher chance the the property will purchase some.

Is there a photo checklist?

Kind of. You may find this checklist handy for your first few hideaways.
– the room you stay in *in the car of a private home, each room will be photographed
– common areas
– detail shots / vignettes
– environmental shots (the property in its surrounds) – lifestyle photos
– with people (ex. laying in a hammock or feet in the pool)
– indicative (ex. towel + sunhat by a pool, a coffee cup + magazine in an unmade
-neighborhood + regional photos (ex. nearby cafes, beaches, street scenes)

What else do I have to do besides take photos of the property?

In addition to photographing the property, the photographer must also post 1 photo + multiple IG stories pr each night of stay, always crediting @theproperty for @theperfecthideaway.

How many nights do photographers usually get in return for taking photos? Are meals included as well?

For the most part, photographers receive 2 nights accommodation at Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts, and 3 nights at larger properties like private vacation rentals/villas/ homes. Breakfast is included only at those properties that normally provide breakfast for their guests. All the collaboration terms (in addition to any included meals) will be summarized in the introduction email to the property.

Does TPH arrange transportation?

The photographer is responsible for all their own transportation. In some cases, more remote properties may offer discounted rates. This collaboration is best geared toward photographers that are already traveling and want to tack on some properties to stay in some beautiful spaces and build their portfolio.

Does TPH pay for any travel expenses?

No. TPH doesn’t pay for any travel expenses. As previously mentioned, this collaboration is best geared toward photographers that are already traveling. The photographers are responsible for all their expenses except for their accommodation (and breakfast where applicable). They are also responsible for any “extra” costs incurred at the property such as mini bar, meals, spa treatments, etc.

I usually travel on my own, how do I take lifestyle photos if I don’t have someone else with me?

One thing that sets our imagery apart from other platforms is that it has a more editorial and lifestyle feel. We encourage photos of spaces that feel lived in, instead of the perfectly made up room with a folded swan towel on the end (don’t get me wrong, we still need photos of a room made-up, but not with the stiff feeling some may present). This approach tells the story of the property, eluding to an experience… a coffee cup with a magazine in an unmade bed, a glass of rosé by the pool, a beach towel and beach bag on a chair in the room.
If you do have someone to photograph, keep in mind the photo should first and foremost showcase the property and the person should only compliment it, not dominate the photo. Please make sure you also include the same photo without the person in it. In some cases we might prefer to use the photo + the person, while in others we may want just the property.

When I arrived at the property, I was given a small room and then asked to shoot the penthouse suite. I thought I was supposed to only shoot the room I stay in?

We do our best to make this as clear as possible to the properties by notifying them in advance and again in the collaboration terms that the photographer is only responsible for shooting the room they stay in + common areas (in the case of a Bed and Breakfast and Hotels). Sometimes there are issues with language barriers and the property doesn’t understand this point. In that case, the photographer can clarify this point and communicate the issue to us so we can help. Often, it is easier just to photograph the room they are proposing and move on from the misunderstanding.

Can I use the photos I take at the property?

Yes! You own these photos and can use them for all your personal promotion. Since they were commissioned via a collaboration, TPH (and the property where applicable) must always be credited.

Does TPH own the photos I take? Where will they be used?

The photographer always owns the photos, however for this collaboration agreement (as you will also see in the contract), the photographer grants TPH usage rights for the photos in perpetuity for (but not limited to) website, promotion, social media, print and online publications.
The property is also granted usage rights of approx 10 photos for social media only (but may purchase additional usage rights). Photographer will always be credited.

Can I share the photos with other travel blogs?

Photographers are welcome to share with other travel blogs, however TPH must always be credited.

Can I share the photos with other travel booking platforms?

The short answer is no. We spend a lot of time arranging collaborations and working with photographers to create a specific brand aesthetic. When other platforms use our imagery, we lose all that hard work to set ourselves apart.

Do I always have to credit TPH when I post on instagram?

The short answer is yes. All photos taken at the property must credit TPH and the property. Please credit @theperfecthideaway for @theproperty within the first 5 lines of the caption and clearly visible on all IG stories.

I noticed another instagram account posted one of my photos and didn’t tag me.

As you’ve probably noticed, may accounts treat instagram as their pinterest board. We do our best to remind properties that post your photos and forget to credit you, as well as other accounts that only credit @theperfecthideaway. We also expect you to do the same.

Will I always get credit?

Yes, photographers will be credited for their imagery on social media, editorials, website and promotional materials where applicable. There are some cases on the website and promo materials where

How am I paired up with properties?

Once we have vetted you as a photographer, you will have access to a database of properties that are waiting to have a photographer visit. You can select the dates via the availability calendar, and once we confirm with the property, you will receive an introduction email with all the collaboration details. *due to the amount of time required to set up collaborative stays, only select the dates when you have a confirmed travel itinerary. Canceling or re-scheduling could result in fines from the property and loss of access to the property database.

How many properties can I book within 1 month?

Each photographer can book a maximum of 3 properties per month. This is to ensure that all our photographers have the same opportunity to photograph properties and also in the case a photographer has to cancel a trip, there is less of a catastrophe to clean up.

What if I have a property lined up and then another property becomes available that I like better, can I switch properties?

No. This system is not set up to easily reschedule collaborations. If we find out that a photographer falsely cancels a stay then rebooks at another property, we will cancel that collaboration and cease working together.

What happens if I have to cancel my trip and I won’t be able to visit the properties that were arranged for me to photograph?

We get it, life happens. If you have to cancel your trip before 30 days of the collaboration date, there is no penalty. Unfortunately, most of the properties are boutique stays with limited rooms and may not be able to rebook after that point, so if you cancel your trip within 30 days of your stay, then you may be fined a fee.

What happens if the property cancels?

There may be situations where the property has to cancel due to repairs or last minute renovations on the property. In this case, we cannot be held liable for costs incurred to the photographer, however will do our best to find an alternate property in the same area for those dates.

I often work with other lifestyle brands, can I shoot them while staying at the property?

The first priority of the photographer is to first and foremost photograph the property. All shoots for other brands must be pre-approved by the property owners. In some cases, properties may want the additional exposure and grant the shoots with the stipulation that the property always be credited. In other cases, properties may feel the brands aren’t in alignment with their philosophy or simply want the photographer to focus on photographing their property.
In all cases, photographers must let us know first and we will approach the property on their behalf. If a photographer goes ahead without permission, they will have to leave
the property immediately, all future collaborations will be canceled and we will cease working together.

Do you foresee offering photographers a way to make income from this down the road when TPH is more established?

Yes! We have lots of ideas to help our vetted photographers make additional income. One of those ways is to sell image usage rights to the properties beyond the social media collaboration agreement. For example, some properties ask to purchase usage rights for website use. This happens more often when photographers provide galleries of 100+ images.
We also plan on creating a license gallery for photographers to submit images to share with our contacts in the hospitality and art industries, in addition to a print shop.

Do photographers get additional exposure besides TPH?

Yes! Our photographers regularly get featured on other instagram accounts, design blogs and websites, magazines, and even notable print publications such as Gestalen.

Do you have any tips?

Approach – When approaching a property, think about what makes this unique and what do we want to feature. Full length windows? A beautiful pool? Try to highlight the best features of the property while avoiding things that don’t photograph well. Perspective – Try photographing the rooms from different corners. Often, this works to highlight different design features. Remember to include both verticals and horizontals. Vignettes – Texture. Shadows. Decor. Vignettes help to tell the story of a space and showcase more of the design and architectural elements that may be overlooked in the wider room shots.
The Money Shot – If you had to take one photo that sums up the property, what would it be? Is it a cliff-side home with spectacular views? A quaint BnB with epic courtyard pool? Is it an architectural feature or its surrounding environment? Find the heart of the property, and then photograph it in the best light!
Vertical Lines – One of the biggest rules in architectural photography is to keep vertical lines vertical. When lining up a shot, make sure that wall corners, doorways and windows remain vertical. As well, shoot from a height so that furniture is highlighted, but not so low that all you see is the sides of the furniture.
Magazines – These can be a regal reference for images. Some of the best shots go against logic and have parts cropped out – for example only half the pool is won or the end of the couch is cropped. Make some mental notes about why certain shots work and apply those to your next property.
Lifestyle – these shots help to show the viewer how they would experience the space. Lifestyle shots can include props (sunhat and towel by the pool, slippers but he bed) or people, however we ask in the case of having people, they aren’t the main focus and you also include a photo option without them in it.

Tips – Before you shoot a room, scan it to see if anything needs to be removed. Are there 6 remote controls beside the bed? A long electrical cord that looks like a curled up snake? A towel filed like a swan at the end of the bed? Please try and remove items that will distract. We prefer to have photos of the room made up, and also slightly lived in. We love a good messy bed 🙂
And lastly, have fun! This is an opportunity to photograph beautiful design spaces. Take advantage and grow from the experience. Build relationships. Enjoy where you are!